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SEO in Style: Optimizing Your Fashion Blog

SEO in Style: Optimizing Your Fashion Blog

We are excited to announce that OS Fashion contributor, and rockstar SEO strategist Erika Miller is teaching an online class on Skillshare! Enrollment for SEO in Style is open now.

Drawing from 10 years of experience within the industry, Erika will help you improve your Search Engine Optimization so you can increase your readership through a handful of simple steps.

Often times fashion bloggers build their traffic at a slow and steady pace, but a strong SEO strategy allows you to survive and strive in search engine rankings at a much faster growth rate.  Much more than a buzzword, Search Engine Optimization is important for gaining keyword ranking over the competition and increasing valuable traffic to your site.

Many fashion bloggers, no matter their level of expertise, start out with the focus on editorial. Having a strong narrative is great, but without a focused SEO strategy, this content can be easily overlooked. It is both a science and an art in order to have search ranking, so this class is designed to help fashion bloggers prevent mistakes that could impact SEO.

In this SEO class specifically tailored to fashion bloggers, Erika will go over:

  • Keyword research basics
  • Using analytics
  • Writing good META tags
  • Importance of Content

This class is for anyone with a fashion blog or website of their own.

About Erika Miller:
Erika currently works as a Senior SEO Strategist for Adobe, but her previous role was as Senior SEO Analyst for ELLE.com. Having been a digital marketing expert in the fashion area for years, Erika comes to OS Fashion with a unique perspective – one that is driven by analytics, PR and search.  She also played a vital role in the development of Refinery29′s SEO strategy.

- Register HERE for SEO in Style -

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