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Redefining SEO in Washington, DC; Class w/ SEO strategist for major fashion brands

Redefining SEO in Washington, DC; Class w/ SEO strategist for major fashion brands

There has been a new announcement by Google that they will no longer allow the keyword value to pass into your analytics tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, or even bigger suites like Site Catalyst as “extra protection” to the consumer (those of us searching on Google). Again the time has come for SEO marketers to redefine how to show the success of SEO efforts. Rethinking metrics to track will be a challenge, but it will be one we all face.

The industry is saying the drop from keyword referral traffic will occur at a rate from 80-100%.  This will drastically affect the marketing efforts of any company or media portal with a content strategy in play…which should be all of us!

Erika Miller will be joining us from NYC to educate us on alternate strategies we should be focusing on.  It’s time to re-strategize…join us, and keep ahead of the curve.

Thursday October 24th, 2013
6:00PM – 8:00PM
The Dunes LLC.
1402 Meridian Pl. NW
Washington, DC


SEO DC Event

About Erika:
Featured digital marketing blogger on OS-Fashion, Erika Miller covers SEO, training, and analytics. As a digital marketing analyst for over 10 years, Erika specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Currently working with Adobe as an SEO strategist, she oversees high profile brand campaigns. Her previous role was as Senior SEO analyst for ELLE.com, which was her foray into fashion. Erika offers a hybrid of talent, covering social media, search, digital outreach, content marketing and web analytics.

After starting ELM Consulting in 2009, Erika worked with some of the top brass in online fashion, such as renowned fashion magazine ELLE and high-profile fashion blog Refinery29. In 2013, at the widely popular Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in New York, Erika was a featured speaker presenting important editorial SEO techniques to fashion bloggers. The response to her panel was over-whelming.

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