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Ryan Kristopher (1 Posts)

With over 10 years of experience as an online marketing and social media consultant, Ryan Kristopher is widely recognized as a leading marketing expert, and has developed marketing initiatives for businesses ranging from fresh startups to world-wide brands such as Lions Gate Entertainment, RE/MAX, Chartis, and HUB International. Mr. Kristopher is known for his ability to assist struggling entrepreneurs, with little to no budget, in turning their companies around through a unique blend of inexpensive and free online initiatives.

Ryan Kristopher possesses an unorthodox, street-smart view of the business world, having leveraged the internet to grow several successful businesses of his own, without a dollar to his name, into million dollar enterprises. Mr. Kristopher’s career as an online marketing consultant began to flourish when Lion’s Gate Entertainment hired him to leverage social media and online marketing during the filming of the $50 million dollar blockbuster movie “WARRIOR.”

Mr. Kristopher went on to serve as Internet Marketing Director for a renowned New York marketing agency and was mentored by best-selling author, marketing expert, and Fox Business contributor, Mark Stevens, who’s blunt truth and unconventional wisdom made an impact on the young marketer.

Ryan does not believe in cookie-cutter approaches to marketing and social media engagement. He often challenges executives to think outside of the corporate constraints and to fully embrace the Internet’s true potential for innovation and growth.

To date, Ryan Kristopher has consulted over 200 companies across dozens of industries around the globe.

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