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With over 10 years of experience as an online marketing and social media consultant, Ryan Kristopher is widely recognized as a leading marketing expert, and has developed marketing initiatives for businesses ranging from fresh startups to world-wide brands such as Lions Gate Entertainment, RE/MAX, Chartis, and HUB International. Mr. Kristopher is known for his ability to assist struggling entrepreneurs, with little to no budget, in turning their companies around through a unique blend of inexpensive and free online initiatives. Ryan Kristopher possesses an unorthodox, street-smart view of the business world, having leveraged the internet to grow several successful businesses of his own, without a dollar to his name, into million dollar enterprises. Mr. Kristopher’s career as an online marketing consultant began to flourish when Lion’s Gate Entertainment hired him to leverage social media and online marketing during the filming of the $50 million dollar blockbuster movie “WARRIOR.” Mr. Kristopher went on to serve as Internet Marketing Director for a renowned New York marketing agency and was mentored by best-selling author, marketing expert, and Fox Business contributor, Mark Stevens, who’s blunt truth and unconventional wisdom made an impact on the young marketer. Ryan does not believe in cookie-cutter approaches to marketing and social media engagement. He often challenges executives to think outside of the corporate constraints and to fully embrace the Internet’s true potential for innovation and growth. To date, Ryan Kristopher has consulted over 200 companies across dozens of industries around the globe.

Who, When, What & Where: Developing a Social Media Strategy

Who, When, What & Where: Developing a Social Media Strategy

While it’s important to know the various social media platforms available to you, you have know how to use them. We at VERVE Management have developed at 4-Step plan for our clients that you can use for the basis of your social media strategy.

1. Develop an Online Brand Identity (OBI)
At VERVE Management we’ve developed something proprietary for our fashion clients called an Online Brand Identity (OBI). It’s important that you create one for your company, as well. An OBI is a document that lays out the personality of your brand. The idea is to take your core brand and product offering and build out all of the various elements that make up your brand. You want your brand online to jump off the screen as a living, breathing person with all these various colors and facets to its personality. This will help you transition from a 2-dimensional into a 3-dimensional brand online which will go a long way in building a meaningful community that actually follows your brand online and feels something positive towards it.

In your OBI document, you should write down the tone of your brand’s “online voice,” what genre of music it likes, what genre of movies it watches, whether it’s political or not, what pop culture icons it follows, who it’s heroes are, it’s favorite hobbies, etc. You have to really get imaginative with this and be creative. You are bringing your brand to life after all! This is the biggest challenge business owners have when developing a successful fashion marketing strategy.

2. Develop a Fashion Marketing Editorial Calendar
Once you’ve planned out your brand’s personality, the next step in developing your fashion marketing strategy is to create a fashion marketing editorial calendar. Set a weekly schedule where you plan to consistently share content. You have to be consistent. After all, if you don’t put time into your “relationship” with people online, they won’t put time back into your brand either. When creating your fashion marketing editorial calendar, use a simple online calendar management site and add an entry for each day of the week you plan to share content. You should also plan what content you’ll share that day. Use your personality elements in your OBI to inform your content. Share movies your brand likes, music artists that inspire your brand, favorite quotes, heroes, and of course promote your company and products/services. You want to strike a balance in promoting and sharing other content. The fashion marketing editorial calendar will help with that.

3. Grow Your Audience
Unfortunately, I can’t dive into detail on how to grow your audience, as that alone would take up dozens of articles. I can give you advice on how to approach this task. A great first step is for you to research “influencers” and “innovators” in your industry, reach out to those people, and partner with them. You can provide them with free samples of your product to review or include them on a contest your having. The idea is to get them to promote your product/service/promotion to their online following which will in turn expose your online profiles to all of their existing followers! Another great step is to speak at events, guest author posts on other blogs, or hold and promote webinars / seminars!

You can also go the guerrilla marketing route and start posting / commenting on other pages / groups / etc. that have people who would be potential clients of your company. Taking part in conversations on these other pages, without blatantly promoting your company, will integrate you into the broader community and introduce you to a great deal of new people.

4. Track, Track, Track Your Results!
Once you have your OBI and fashion marketing editorial calendar in place, the next step is to begin sharing content and tracking your results! There are social media analytics tools you can use to track how people respond to your content. You want to keep track of what content gets the most “likes”, the most “re-tweets”, the most “shares” and “comments.” Tracking your progress will inform you about your audience and what content is important to them. The more data you analyze, the more intimately familiar you will become with your market. This will inform your fashion marketing strategy as well as inform all other aspects of your business!

Original Image created by Urs Steiner.

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