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Born in Vicenza, Marta Pozzan began her career in 2009 when, while still attending college, she started working for Vanity Fair Italy fashion Editor-in-chief Silvia Paoli, creative director of Lostinfashion.it, a fashion and lifestyle blog named after her book. In the same year Marta was hosting the daily fashion web show Fashion Nuts. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles where she now resides and works as a model and an actress. In the spring of 2011, she was chosen for the cover of the book called Illuminate by Aimee Agresti and in September 2011 she won the StyleCaster and Sebastian professional contest Infinite Possibilities, featured in NYLON magazine’s February 2012 issue. In April 2012, Marta was asked to be one of the Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp contestants, web TV show airing on U Look Haute, new Youtube and Google channel and hosted by famous beauty vloggers Elle & Blair Fowler. Contributor to actress friend Jaime King and her style column for the Huffington Post, Jaime’s Picks, Marta has now her own fashion blog It’s SUPER fashion, where she shares her sense of fashion as an extremely powerful visual language to communicate to the outside world.

Treat Yourself Like a Model

Treat Yourself Like a Model

Whether you are a model or you just want to take care of yourself and feel good with your body or you’re simply trying to get back to the good habits after eating a tiny bit too much during the holidays, here’s some smart and easy tips that will help you taking care of your health and your diet every day just by following easy steps. The key is thinking of each of them not as a rule but as a methodical gesture that will help you improving the way your body and your mind feel.

Drink water
Drinking water is crucial, especially for women. As I wake up I drink a full glass of water with lemon, hot or cold and I carry a bottle of water with me anywhere I go. You should drink a full glass of water (8-10 oz) before each meal or snack. It helps your digestion and it also improves bowel regularity and helps to ‘flush out’ waste products.

Exercise at least 30 mins a day (Jump Rope!)
I’ve recently found out that if you want to get a good cardio work out there’s nothing better than the jump rope because it doesn’t only work your legs, but also your abs, your arms and shoulders. It’s better than running because it’s easier on your back and you can do it at home without needing a gym subscription.

Do not become hungry!
When you’re hungry, or even starving yourself, your metabolism slows down, hindering your weight loss efforts. Also, when you’re hungry, you’re making bad food choices such as sugary and fatty food, as your body is craving ‘quick energy’. To avoid this, have healthy, low-carb, protein-rich snacks between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner.

Use anti-aging skin treatments
Even if you aren’t worrying about wrinkles, you might still want to consider trying out rejuvenating treatments. A key component of an anti-aging facial is deep massage to stimulate collagen production. It might sound weird, but it’s a real gymnastic for the skin. Either you go to a Spa or you do it on your own, you should apply intensive masks and anti-aging serum to face, neck, and décolleté. Do it consistently for actual results!

Increase your daylight awareness
Being a good listener of your body signals is primal to understand what you need and to make better choices. Don’t withhold negative thoughts, they’re like poison to your body. Find the time to write them down on a piece of paper and after you’ve written them, don’t read back, just trash it or, even better, burn it. Other tip would be just to say out loud what bothers you, to a colleague, a friend, your boyfriend or just to yourself so that they’re out of your system.

Original image created by Kevin Dooley.

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