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Founder & CEO StylEast Group. Jessica is a talented creative events planning, and has worked with many wonderful people including celebrities such as Madonna, Fat Joe and Jim Jones. She started stylEast Group as a way to provide clients a one-stop shop for all their event planning and styling needs.

5 Must Have Event-Planning Apps

5 Must Have Event-Planning Apps

As a planner being organized and taking care of every single detail of an event all while being efficient and on the go is every event planners dream. Now with the functionality of a smart phone it makes this all doable to condense as much functionality as possible while being on the go.

I thought I would share with you some of my secrets– a.k.a.– iPhone apps that will help you plan your next event.

During the years B.A. (Before Apps), we would have to keep all our event information including pics, notes and files in a binder with the possibility of losing it. Now with Evernote, you can keep everything virtually and in one location. Evernote allows you to store everything from pics (storyboards/inspirations), notes and audio recordings. It also gives you the functionality of sharing it with others via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

HoursTracker –  4.99
Tracking your time can be very confusing and tedious. Not to mention, the worst case scenario: You’re keeping track via notepad and then  it happens to go M.I.A. What do you do now? What you do now is: download Hours Tracker! Hours Tracker allows you to plug in all of your clients and keep track of how much time you are spending on their event. This app will help you add up all your time, keep track of how long you are spending on projects and will also help you bill your clients correctly.

The Seating Planner+ –  4.99
Seating your guests at a wedding, gala or any event is one of the hardest things to do as well it can make or break your guests experience.  Seating Planner allows you to organize a seating chart and allows you to pull guests from your contact list as well as Facebook.

Managing your event guest list and check in can be quiet a headache. As planners, we always want to know who and how many guests showed up. With Eventbrite, it allows you to setup and customize your event online and have guests RSVP and purchase tickets.  Now that’s great and all, but now how will you manage the guests once they show up? Eventbrite has gone mobile and allows you to check guests in via your mobile phone by simply punching in their name. Once your event is over you can print out a list of attendees, making managing the list a lot more accurate and efficient.

Wedding BudgetFREE
Planning a wedding requires you to be very detail-oriented and on track with the client’s budget. Wedding Budget has taken the hassle out of figuring out your budgets allocation for each category of your wedding. It allows you to input your budget and it will provide you with a detailed list, in dollar value, of how much you should spend for each category of the wedding. It also allows you to input items within each category to help you stay on track. It also allows you to input how much was paid towards each category to see whether you are under or over budget.

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