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Jennifer Heal attended Parsons the New School for Design where she graduated with a BBA from the Design and Management program. Upon graduating she was hired as Social Media Coordinator at Betsey Johnson LLC where she re-strategized and implemented a new social plan. Currently, Jennifer is a Digital Senior Account Coordinator at the style communications firm, Bollare, where she manages the social platforms for several fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferheal.

Turning Digital Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors

Turning Digital Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors

Free stuff, invitations to exclusive parties, and opportunities to travel the world: bloggers may seem to have it all, without the stress of a day job. However, many people do not realize that these digital influencers have just as much work if not more than those in their usual 9 to 5. Blogging is a full time job. That means they have to be representing their “brand” all the time whether that’s through social networks, blog posts or simple day-to-day activities. In some ways, bloggers have become the modern day celebrities yielding thousands, sometimes millions of views or hits per month.

So, how can your brand leverage these fashionable online personalities for your benefit?

First of all, don’t be a creep! E-mail etiquette is extremely important when reaching out to these influencers, as it’s the first point of contact. Think of this email as an interview – would you show up to an interview without knowing your employers name? No. Therefore, be sure to address your influencer correctly. Mention something unique that you enjoy about their blog, how you discovered it and why you feel your brand is a good fit for them.

Next, it’s important to realize that bloggers are not going to respond positively to a list of demands. They understand that you both need to receive something from the partnership; however, unless you are paying them, they do not want to be treated as an employee. Rather, ask them questions and get feedback on what they feel would be beneficial for both parties. Digital influencers appreciate being apart of the initiative at hand.

Finally, even though you may have completed your brand initiative, the relationship with your blogger is not. This is the most rewarding aspect of partnering with a digital influencer is the relationship created. Continue interacting with them on your social platforms. This will not only build your brand audience, but could result in additional future initiatives.

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Getting the Word Out: Social Media Strategy Tools + Tips

Getting the Word Out: Social Media Strategy Tools + Tips

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr, Viddy, We Heart It, Svuply, The Hunt– with all of the different social media platforms constantly popping up in the digital realm, it can be difficult to keep it all straight. Does your brand need to be present on every single one? Which ones are the most important? How can your brand employ a different strategy to be successful in every area?

First of all, it’s important to understand that not every brand will be successful on every platform and one must listen to their audience when tailoring posts, tweets and imagery. Although Facebook and Twitter are obviously the strongest traffic drivers they are extremely saturated making it very difficult to break the barrier and get your posts and tweets seen. Therefore, once you develop a “flow” for the main platforms, don’t be afraid to try new ones and see what sticks.

Here’s how I strategize for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

It is necessary that every brand have a Facebook page. Even though it is difficult to break the barrier and garner a following there are creative ways to do it. Contests and giveaways are the best way to generate a substantial fan base. Once you have that fan base, it is imperative to continue engagement through photo diaries, interesting brand news, and by asking questions. Additionally, the brands that have the most interesting content are those that branch out relating real world topics to their brand. For example, a fashion house could do a Facebook post discussing their lead designers favorite Emmy gowns.

What most people fail to realize is that Twitter allows brands to become humanized and provides a real time voice. The person who controls a brand’s twitter, essentially, controls the voice of the company. Therefore, it is important that this person have an in depth knowledge of your brand and what it represents. This person must be comfortable engaging with other brands that possess a larger following, as this is one of the main ways to increase your fan base. In addition, live tweeting throughout events, seminars, and TV shows proves to your followers that you are relevant in your industry and inevitably gets friends of friends to click the “follow” button.

Instagram has become much more than an application to take photos with; rather, this photo-enhancing platform allows brands to conduct creative contests, giveaways and engage in fun activities with followers. Instagram is the platform that proves that there is an actual face behind your brand – take advantage of that! Keep your account interesting by not only posting about new products, PR news etc. but also include some fun behind the scenes imagery to make your followers feel like they are apart of something special.


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