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The Power of Podcasting

The Power of Podcasting

Full disclosure: I don’t know much about fashion. In fact, I was recently informed by my wife that the Calvin Klein sweater I bought on Amazon Prime is at least two seasons old. No wonder it was only $67. Whatever, I look great in zip-up sweaters.

What I do know about it is getting information as quickly and easily as possible. Like most NYers, I’ve got 30-40 mins everyday to kill underground, away from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora and Words With Friends (nobody plays that anymore, right?). And while down in the tube I’ve taken to getting my information audibly via podcasts and audio books.

Mitch Joel of Twist Image wrote a great article for the Huffington Post earlier this month on why podcasts could be on the verge of taking off. In it, he discusses how it was once believed that podcasting was going to kill radio the way blogging is killing print media. While that hasn’t quite happened, the audible medium is still on the rise. Joel calls out several prominent stars all hosting their own podcasts (ie: Alec Baldwin). Entire podcasting networks have been built around niche topics like Leo Laporte’s TWiT.

Nearly every topic I’m entertained by, I search for some type of podcast on. For comedy I listen to Joe Rogan and Adam Corolla. For business advice, there is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income. And for sports there is Bill Simmons. I even started producing a podcast for BarstoolSports that we are calling KFCradio.

Which brings me to my back to my complete void of fashion knowledge. Where is the OS Fashion podcast? Which one of these experts is going to get my wardrobe together? Which one of these fashion gurus is going to demystify skinny jeans for me? I need help and I’m not the only one.

On a serious note though, podcasts are easy to produce and post. Let the OS Fashion team know what you’d like to hear about and we will make it happen.

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